Embedded Video Interstitial

Custom built and designed with marketing objectives in mind, the embedded video appears only after the user presses play. Ideal for movie trailers and social media focused product reviews.


Site: Pelmorex Audience

Platforms: Mobile App and Tablet App

Size: 320×480, 480×320, 768×1024, 1024×768

File Format: mp4/ mov and PSD or JPG for end card

Max Weight Best Practices: 40kb – 2mb

Animation Length: 15s or less recommended

Third Party Tags Accepted: DCM, Eyereturn, Sizmek, AdForm

Client Supplied Creative Deadline: 48hrs prior to launch

Designed and Built by Pelmorex Deadline: 3 business days prior to launch

Assets required for Pelmorex to build: mp4/ mov and PSD or JPG for end card

In-House Tracking: Clicks, Impressions

Trackers Accepted: Impression + Clicks + (Engagement if applicable)

Video Length: 15s or less recommended

Skip Button/Forced Video Length: N/A

Audio AutoPlay? Only available on AdX – would require a custom login (to be implemented by bidders team on adhoc request).

Download Creative Brief


DCM impression and click trackers for quartile tracking not accepted due to potential discrepancy issues*. If quartile tracking is required, client must provide VAST tags. Engagefront quartile reporting can be provided as an alternative, upon request at campaign setup.

*High rate of discrepancy in quartile reporting between DCM and Engagefront. Client may face billing and reporting issues*


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