Standard Interstitial

This customized unit is built in house and runs with our hourly, 7 day and 14 day forecast pages-referred to regularly by our users. This unit captures users attention with a full screen experience.

Site: The Weather Network, MétéoMédia, and Pelmorex Audience

Platform: Mobile App

TWN & MM – 320×480
PA – 320×480, 480×320, 768×1024, 1024×768

File Format: .jpg, .png, .gif, standard 3rd party tags, HTML5, OR layered PSD

Max Weight Best Practices: 300KB

Animation Length: 15s or less recommended

Third Party Tags Accepted: All third party tags accepted. Examples include: DCM, AdForm

Client Supplied Creative Deadline: 48hrs prior to launch

Designed and Built by Pelmorex Deadline: 3-5 Business Days Prior to Launch

Assets required for Pelmorex to build: Headline/Body Copy, Fonts, CTA Text (ie. Learn more), Logo (EPS format), Hi-res imagery, Brand Guidelines (if available), Layered PSD. Sample creative if available

In-House Tracking: Clicks, Impressions, Viewability

Trackers Accepted:
TWN & MM – Clicktag, Impressions (Banner), Impressions (Expanded)
PA – Impression + Clicks + (Engagement if applicable) Expand click, CTA click (learn_more) and all other specified interactions

Frequency Cap: 1 per 4 days per user (TWN & MM only)

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