Pelmorex Audience In-Stream Video

Site: Pelmorex Audience

Platform: Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile & Tablet App

Size: Video is always responsive

File Format: .mp4 only

Max Weight Best Practices: 512mb

Third Party Tags Accepted: VAST or VPAID

Client Supplied Creative Deadline: 48hrs prior to launch

In-House Tracking: Clicks, Impressions, Video Completion Rate (quartiles)

Trackers Accepted: Impression + Clicks + (Engagement if applicable)

Video Length: :6 – :30 second recommended

Skip Button/Forced Video Length: N/A

Audio Auto Play? No


We cannot implement DCM impression and click trackers for quartile tracking due to potential discrepancy issues. If quartile tracking is required, client must provide VAST tags.

Autoplay with sound is non-industry compliant. Auto-play video ON MUTE is standard.


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