Click to Call

Click to Call is an option when picking up the phone is the only way to close the marketing loop. Drive users to call directly from the ad unit.

Site: The Weather Network, MétéoMédia & Pelmorex Audience

Platform: Mobile App, mWeb, Tablet App (PA only)

TWN & MM – 300×250, 300×600, 320×50/300×50
PA – 320×480, 300×250, 320×50, 480×320, 768×1024, 1024×768

File Format: .jpg, .png, OR .gif

Max Weight Best Practices:
300×250 (150kb)
300×600 (200kb)
320×50 (50kb)

Third Party Tags Accepted: All third party tags accepted. Examples include: DCM, AdForm

Client Supplied Creative Deadline: 48hrs prior to launch

Designed and Built by Pelmorex Deadline: 3-5 business days prior to launch

Assets required for Pelmorex to build:
A least one 10-digital phone number required. Must be a Canadian number
Layered PSD with separated frames that includes Headline/Body Copy, CTA Text (ie. Learn more), Logo (EPS format), Hi-res imagery Fonts and Brand Guidelines (if available)

In-House Tracking:
TWN & MM – Clicks (not completed calls), Impressions, Viewability
PA – Clicks, Impressions

Trackers Accepted:
TWN & MM – Clicktag, Impressions
PA – Impression + Clicks + (Engagement if applicable) Rub/Swipe click, CTA click (learn_more) and all other specified interactions

Download Creative Brief


Must be a toll free number.


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