Hub Wallpaper

The Hub Page – a dynamic platform for custom executions and engaging contests! This versatile page can house news articles tailored to specific requirements. Exclusively available on desktop platforms for seamless user experience. One of its unique features is the clickable wallpaper, where a provided URL can be embedded for enhanced interactivity.

Site: The Weather Network & MétéoMédia

Platforms: Desktop Web

Size: Wallpaper is provided as 2 separate files. Each side is 317×1080, and each side needs to be provided separately.

File Format: Layered PSD

Max Weight: 200 kb each

Animation Length: No Animation

Third Party Tags Accepted: N/A

Client-Supplied Creative Deadline: 48hrs prior to launch

Designed and Built by Pelmorex Deadline: 3-5 business days prior to launch

Assets required for Pelmorex to build:Copy, Fonts, Logo (EPS format), Hi-res imagery. Sample creative if available.

In-House Tracking: N/A

Trackers Accepted: Impressions, Clicks

Video Length: N/A

Skip Button/Forced Video Length: N/A

Audio Auto Play?: N/A

Frequency Cap: N/A

Download Template

Safe Zone Consideration: Yes, please refer to the template

Pelmorex Approval Required: Yes

Pelmorex Audience Compatible: No


This is NOT a standalone product. Must run in conjunction with another ad unit. The background image cannot contain red, No Duplicate Messaging/Logos/Products on the Left and Right side of the skin. Wallpaper is clickable, and a URL must be provided.


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