Dynamic Ads

With the ability to customize your ad based on location, weather conditions, and more, your message will be delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Dynamic display placement can run ROS or be targeted.

Site: The Weather Network, MétéoMédia and Pelmorex Audience

Platforms: Desktop Web, mWeb, Mobile App, Tablet App

Size: 300×250, 728×90, 320×50, 300×600, 970×250, 320×480

File Format: HTML5

Max Weight: 300×250 = 150kb, 300×50/320×50 = 50kb, 300×600 = 200kb, 728×90 = 150kb, 970×250 = 250kb

Animation Length: 15s or less recommended

Third Party Tags Accepted: All third party tags accepted. Examples include: DCM, AdForm

Client-Supplied Creative Deadline: 48hrs prior to launch

Designed and Built by Pelmorex Deadline: 5-7 business days prior to launch

Assets required for Pelmorex to build: Headline/Body Copy, Fonts, CTA Text (ie. Learn more), Logo (EPS format), Hi-res imagery, Brand Guidelines (if available), Directions for Dynamic functions within ad unit, Sample creative (if available), placeholder for text HTML5.

In-House Tracking: Clicks, Impressions, Viewability

Trackers Accepted: Clicktag, Impressions

Pelmorex Approval Required: Yes

Pelmorex Audience Compatible: Yes


Due to the nature of a dynamic unit, functionality can vary greatly. Please ensure that detailed instructions are provided to designers when being built inhouse. What data is being used, what content is being changed by data and how (EX. Weather triggers) ***City names not available on PA***


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