Store Locator

Location tagging is a cross platform map-based interactive unit developed to promote nearby locations. An expandable map provides users with location information, driving awareness and in-store traffic. Can also be sold as an impression-based takeover.

Platforms: The Weather Network & MétéoMédia Desktop

32×32 transparent png (pin for markers)

Format: .jpg, .png, .gif

Weight: 40kb (300×250)

Client-Supplied Creative: Deadline: 10 Days Prior to Launch

Pelmorex Creative Services: Lead Time: 10 Business Days Prior to Launch

Download Creative Brief


Impressions only tracked on 300×250 image not map, additional impression tracking possible through third party pixels.

Map content must be  supplied by the client. Click URLs for locations is required in an excel doc must contain: address, postal code, city, store name (if applicable), phone number (optional).

Native Tracking includes impressions and clicks only. Speak to your Client Partner for additional tracking (map tracking).


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