With travel gaining momentum in 2022, VISIT FLORIDA had an objective to inspire and reach Canadians who were eager to escape the sweater weather and travel to a sunny destination. 

To create consideration and bookings, VISIT FLORIDA wanted to highlight their capability to offer travelers a diverse range of experiences by extending their partnership with Pelmorex Corp to reach their uniquely targeted audiences of Adventurists (Adults 18-24) and Families (Adults 25-54) in the contextual environments they can be found.


Building on our existing partnership, we developed a plan to reach VISIT FLORIDA’s target groups through a social media and mobile campaign with custom segment targeting. 

We developed custom social video content to run with VISIT FLORIDA’s pre-roll through a Twitter Amplify campaign, which reached a YOLO Adventurists, Couples, and Families audience. 

To further support VISIT FLORIDA’s brand positioning, a Florida vacation has the power to take you exactly where you need to be, Pelmorex created high-impact mobile interstitials to run across The Weather Network, MétéoMédia, and Pelmorex Audience. With the addition of Pelmorex Audience custom segments, we were able to reach the desired audiences.


The Twitter Amplify campaign delivered 2.9 million pre-roll views and above Twitter benchmarks with an overall 48% VTR. The YOLO Adventurists target of Adults 18-24 delivered the highest pre-roll clicks. 

The top performing segments on Pelmorex Audience were YOLO Adventurists and Couples, with Wrapped Video Interstitials delivering an incredible 7.50% avg CTR and Spring Break Countdown Interstitial with 1.59% avg CTR – both above PA benchmarks! 

By strategically leveraging our social and mobile solutions with custom targeting, we were able to create engagement and deliver on VISIT FLORIDA’s objectives.