Mary Brown’s was seeking to promote their special offers and drive audiences into their locations across Canada to increase order volume. With 54% of our users visiting Quick Service/Fast Food restaurants in the past month*, Mary Brown’s partnered with Pelmorex to develop several visitation campaigns throughout 2023.


A data-driven campaign was developed to share Mary Brown’s special offers with Canadians.

The campaign successfully:
– Grabbed user attention with limited-time offers
– Inspired visitation within days of viewing the campaign
– Engaged the target market via custom audience segmentation
– Utilized audience data and Pelmorex’s Foot Traffic Attribution to iterate on each campaign


The target audience was highly engaged and the campaigns delivered great results across all metrics, including:
7.7M+ total digital ad impressions
105,000+ ad exposed visits
10,000+ incremental visits per campaign (average)
21.1%-59.6% visitation lift per campaign


Markets: National (excl. Quebec and PEI)

Platforms: Digital

Brands: The Weather Network and Pelmorex Audience


*Source: ComScore. Plan Metrix. Home and Work. September 2023.

Pelmorex is a great partner for Mary Brown’s Chicken. The combination of scale, first party data, and informed R.O.I. via Foot Traffic Attribution is a formidable combination for our digital media strategy spend.

Jeff Barlow, Chief Marketing Officer at MBI Brands

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