In 2017, Canadian halal food sales surpassed $1 billion and are growing at 10% to 15% per year. Maple Leaf Foods’ brand, Mina Halal wanted to authentically connect with Muslim Canadians during Ramadan-Eid, the holiest month of the year. The brand wanted to remind Muslim Canadians that its high-quality halal chicken allows them to serve healthy meals to their families even when they must fast during Ramadan.


A digital strategy leveraged The Weather Networks’ weather-based and location-based sunrise, and sunset data to deliver messaging that was relevant and timely. To ensure it reached the correct ethnic audience, we used a combination of Pelmorex data segments (anonymous and aggregated with privacy in mind) and Demostats/Environics. The campaign depended on “keeping and breaking the fast with Muslim Canadians” by changing the creative displayed as the sun and the moon progressed through the sky and ensuring images of food were shown only when fasting was completed for the day.

In addition to combining dynamic timing with geo-targeting, we updated creative – an empty plate for Suhoor and a full plate for Iftaar; a white plate for the moon during nighttime, and a yellow plate for the sun during the day. The campaign ended with a celebratory message that leveraged local moonrise times to mark Eid, which begins when the new moon is sighted.


We delivered: CTR of 0.22%, exceeding the TWN benchmark (0.11%) by 2X and segment benchmark (0.08%) by 2.8X. The Eid portion of the campaign exceeded the TWN benchmark (0.11%) by 2.45X and the segment benchmark (0.08%) by 3.37X. The campaign increased awareness and consideration for Mina Halal and uncovered insights that will inform strategies for Ramadan 2023. These learnings will allow the brand to be more targeted and efficient for future campaigns.

Problem Solved.  

For Mina Halal’s Ramadan-Eid 2022 campaign we needed a media partner like TWN, with strong targeting, data, and creative capabilities. The daypart-sensitive campaign we developed successfully connected with Muslim Canadians during Ramadan. Our ads literally ‘fasted with them’ daily from sunrise to sunset, and celebrated with them when the new moon was sighted at Eid. The campaign drove strong increases in brand awareness and consideration among our target audience.

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