“Your assumptions and the truth, dine at totally separate tables”- J MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI

A leading casual dining brand in Canada wanted to validate their assumptions and what they anecdotally knew about their existing customer. Knowing this would help them confirm who their customer was and drive marketing strategies to reach guests more effectively. Going into the project, they assumed that their guest was male, price conscious and dined at select brands within the family of brands as well as at competitive restaurants. With an objective to get a better understanding of who was dining in their restaurant, they partnered with Pelmorex Data Solutions to help bridge the gap between assumptions and reality.


They leveraged Pelmorex’s 1st party location insights coupled with the brands data consisting of guest surveys, loyalty, and sales metrics to analyze historical and emerging patterns. All data was built into a custom locations insights platform and with an abundance of data available, we were able to get a clearer picture of who was dining at their restaurants. After analyzing the data over a 3 month period, we identified that the majority of their customers were in fact female, married with kids and had a higher household income.


With these new actionable insights, the brand was able to update their guest profile, develop new audience strategies, and build out a new flyer program to support precise and measurable marketing efforts with a 6:1 return on ad spend. By bridging the gap, they took out the guesswork, and the analysis served as a foundation for an upcoming rebrand and informed future marketing strategies.

Problem Solved.