• Only 1 logo can be used on a skin and it must not exceed 190×190 pixels in size.
  • Logo and any copy must be in the lower half of the skin.
  • Copy must not exceed 50 characters in length (including spaces) and a cap height of 30 pixels.
  • Skins are not clickable and must not contain buttons/messaging that suggests a click through.
  • Avoid duplication of the same messaging and imagery on each side of the skin.
  • Avoid using red as the primary background colour. This is to ensure the integrity of our alerts and warnings distribution system. If red is a part of the client’s brand/campaign colours and has to be used, it must be used sparingly and is subject to approval by the internal design team.
  • Skins are intended to visually complement the ad units and should act as supportive imagery. Skins must not contain the exact same messaging already found within the ad units.
  • Skins should not over-power our brand. Avoid using bold, striking colours and busy patterns that may be distracting from our content.
  • For legibility, we may revise the area behind our logo.

  • We’re a family friendly, brand safe company and we do not allow images of nudity, sexual innuendo, discrimination,
    guns, weapons and/or violence on our website. Derogatory messages and images are not allowed.
  • No images of physical violence.
  • No imagery containing weapons (i.e. knives, swords, guns, etc.)
  • No graphical representations of war (sci-fi or fantasy will be approved at the discretion of the
    product owner and creative director but cannot be assumed).

  • Skin dimensions: 2560×1200 pixels (please use PSD template to build creative).

    Creative is subject to approval and will be reviewed by our internal design team to ensure it meets the TWN/MM brand guidelines.