Native Ad Unit

Native advertising units are designed to match the formatting of surrounding publisher content, in efforts to create a seamless and more cohesive user experience.

Platforms: Pelmorex Audience

1 x 80×80 /> Icon Image [Logo]
1 x 1200×627 /> Main Image [with a 1.91:1 ratio]
Ad Title: 25 characters (includes spaces)
Main Text: 100 characters (includes spaces)
CTA: 15 characters (includes spaces)
*Text may be truncated to fit publisher branding

Format: JPEG or PNG

1 x 80×80 /> Icon Image [Logo] (15KB)
1 x 1200×627 /> Main Image (<100KB for phones, <150KB for tablets)

Pelmorex Creative Services: Lead Time: 2-3 Business Days Prior to Launch

Pelmorex creative services to build the base image – 1200×627
Components loaded into native template automatically
Third-party impression pixels and trackers are supported
Mobile in-app targeting is available


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