360 Interstitial

The immersive 360 experience is ideal for showcasing the interior of a vehicle or hotel room as well as the breath-taking landscape of an exotic destination. The main objective with this custom unit is engagement, encouraging brand affinity and loyalty. User engages by touching and dragging to view the 360.

Platforms: Pelmorex Audience

Specs: 320×480, 320×50 -> 320×480 and 300×250 or 320×480 (Interstitial), 320×50 -> 320×480 (Expandable) and 300×250 (Big Box)

Format: Video: .mp4/.mov file(s), Rich Media: layered PSD/Ai file(s)

Weight: 2mb (max)

Client-Supplied Creative: Deadline: 5 Days Prior to Launch

Pelmorex Creative Services: Lead Time: 7 Business Days Prior to Launch

Download Creative Brief


Assets Required: Layered PSD, Equirectangular Panorama Image, copy/images for hotspot popups. Tilting/panning not supported.


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