• Image must be weather-related or feature a landscape/nature scene.
  • Image must reflect the current season unless it is relevant to your brand. (ie. a travel company can show a beach during the winter season.)
  • Image must be a photograph, not an illustration, staged/manufactured image, or an AI-generated image.  We provide the public with scientifically gathered information vetted by scientists as such it is important that we root our creative presentations in the real world that people interact with.
  • Avoid using a photo that is primarily red in colour.  We reserve the colour red for alerting the general public.


  • Product inclusion must be in situ, in use (i.e. a person driving a car, a person pushing a lawn mower, etc.), and at the discretion of TWN creative approval. No static product shots will be accepted.

Movie Characters

  • Must be contained to the lower 40% of the image.
  • Must be in a natural environment. Exceptions may be made, at the discretion of our creative team, for minor manipulated elements integrated into a natural environment.

Legal Mice Type & Copy

  • Must be presented at the bottom of the screen within the ‘Legal Safe Area’. This is to ensure visibility across all devices and not crowd the sponsor logo.
  • The splash screen is not clickable and therefore must not contain the following: graphic buttons/CTA’s or website url(s).

Brand Safety

  • The Weather Network or Météo Média logos should never be overpowered by elements in the background imagery or other logos and must remain as the primary brand.
  • A maximum of 2 logos can appear on the splash screen and must fit within the designated logo area found in the PSD template.
  • We’re a family-friendly, brand-safe company and we do not allow images of nudity, sexual innuendo, discrimination, guns, weapons and/or violence on our website. Derogatory messages and images are not allowed.
  • No images of physical violence.
  • No imagery containing weapons (i.e. knives, swords, guns, etc.).
  • No graphical representations of war (sci-fi or fantasy will be approved at the discretion of the
    product owner and creative director but cannot be assumed).


  • Please refer to PSD template for the exact placement and size of the logo.

Creative is subject to approval and will be reviewed by our internal design team to ensure it meets the TWN/MM brand guidelines.