Jun 2019

It’s Starting to Rain and I’m Viewing an ad on my Phone for Designer Rainboots… BUT WHY?

As consumers, we see how the patterns of our smartphone ads reflect the patterns of our daily lives. We’ve all heard about and many of us live in the world of data-driven marketing, and we know how the growing quality and quantity of marketing data has led to enormous growth in the technologies that pinpoint customer behaviour. These expanding technological capabilities have created a personalization of almost every aspect of the customer experience.

Data-driven information gathering and decision-making are taking questions like who, when, and where, and making the answers almost immediately actionable. But how reliable is the data and once you as a marketer have it, how do you use it to your greatest advantage?

Head of Sales, Data and Technology Platforms at Pelmorex Corp., Celeste Normington joined up with the Calgary Marketing Association for this Facebook Live session.   This talk takes viewers on the journey from the humble beginnings of when there was no data, through the years and layers of sophisticated intelligence gathering and share examples of how Pelmorex developed and refined their geo-segmentation capabilities to tell a captivating consumer story.

Click here to view – https://www.facebook.com/CalgaryMarketingAssociation/videos/2106092909499936/?t=4


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