• Sponsorship splash screen should be 1440 pixels in width and 2560 pixels in height.
  • Maximum file size is 200kb.
  • Sponsorship splash screen will appear behind our TWN/ MM logo in portrait orientation only.


  • Sponsorship splash screen should be 2048 pixels in width and 2048 pixels in height.
  • Maximum file size is 400kb.
  • Sponsorship splash screen will appear behind our TWN/ MM logo in portrait and landscape.


  • Please refer to the supporting Photoshop Template file to establish the appropriate space needed to
    display the client’s.
  • All sponsorship splash screen images must be hosted on the TWN/ MM servers.
  • The sponsored logo, “SPONSORED BY” text and the background image must be provided as one image file.
  • The Sponsored splash screen will appear after our existing blue TWN/MM branded splash screen. It
    appears for 3 seconds and then the user is brought into the App. If the user is on a slow connection and
    the App requires more time before entering the App, the sponsored splash screen transitions back to our
    blue TWN/MM branded splash screen prior to App entry.

Please provide detailed feedback for each revision. There is a 3 revision limit by our design team.


Any creative submitted by the client, will be reviewed by our internal Design Team to ensure it meets the
criteria laid out in this document, and the TWN/MM brand guidelines. Skins should not over-power our brand.

Weather related or scenic backgrounds should be used for the sponsorship splash screens. Background images
should not include any images of products, logos, or any solid colours.

Branding & Client’s Logos
TWN/MM logo should never be overshadowed by graphics or logos and should always remain as the primary
brand. The TWN/MM logo will be added separately and does not need to be included in the final imagery.
Please refer to the supporting Photoshop template file to establish the appropriate space needed to display
the client’s logo. Client’s logo and graphics will not compromise The Weather Network and MétéoMedia

  • Only one logo can appear a maximum of one (1) placement within the splash screen.
  • The logo can be a maximum of:
    Phone: 430 pixels in width and 215 pixels in height.
    Tablet: 430 pixels in width and 215 pixels in height.
    Please refer to the Photoshop template file for exact placement.
  • Placement of the logo is always bottom center.
  • The area of the creative behind the TWN/MM brand logo may have to be altered by our design team to
    ensure that our brand standards are met.
  • “SPONSORED BY” must always be present above the Client’s logo and export with background image.
  • Use the light “SPONSORED BY” version for a dark background and the dark “SPONSORED BY” version for a
    light background. English and French text is also included in the Photoshop Templates.
  • The “SPONSORED BY” copy specifications are as follows:
    Phone Font Specs: DIN Medium, 53pt (cap Height: 39px)
    Tablet Font Specs: DIN Medium, 35pt (Cap Height: 26px)
    Light Version: #ffffff
    Light Drop Shadow: Multiply, 60%, #000000, Distance: 6px, Speed: 0px, Size: 2px
    Dark Version: #000000
    Dark Outer Glow: Screen, 100%, #ffffff, Noise: 0%, Spread: 0%, Size: 7px

Weather Alerts

  • Client creative will not mimic weather data or warnings
  • Executions should not use bold striking colours that may be perceived as warnings or alerts (ESPECIALLY
    RED MUST BE AVOIDED since it is a reserved colour for Alerts). If red is a part of the client’s
    brand/campaign colours and has to be used, it has to be used sparingly and is subject to approval by
    the internal TWN/MM design team. This is to ensure the integrity of our alerts and warnings
    distribution system.

Sponsorship splash screen should not include copy other than “SPONSORED BY” text.

Splash screen will not be clickable and must not contain buttons or messaging that suggests a click


  • Sponsorships & takeovers should avoid repetition.
  • We are a family friendly, brand safe company and we do not allow images of nudity, sexual innuendo,
    discrimination and/or violence on our App. Derogatory messages and images are not allowed.
  • Only photorealistic imagery is supported in ad formats used as entry points to our products (i.e. splash
    screens). We provide the public with scientifically gathered information vetted by scientists as such it’s
    important that we root our creative presentations in the real world that people interact with.



Sponsorship Assets

Sponsors should have the proper rights for all assets provided. All assets should be submitted to the
Interactive Design Team using the following guidelines:

In order to facilitate revisions, we ask that all sponsorship assets be submitted in their original format.
Acceptable file formats include (in order of preference):

  1. .PSD
    • Photoshop CS5
    • Layered working file
    • High quality images
  2. .AI
    • Illustrator CS5
    • Layered working file
    • Vector, high quality images
  3. .EPS
    • Layered working file
    • Vector, high quality images
  4. .PDF
    • Layered working file
    • Vector, high quality images
  5. .JPG
    • High quality images
  6. .TIF
    • High quality images

Creative assets usually expected from Client include: logos, stock photography and brand guides (if

If a flattened file is provided, please make sure to send along the source file as well (Photoshop working file).

For large files that cannot be sent via e-mail, use WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox. Upon successful upload of all files, please connect with your Client Partner or Pelmorex contact to confirm they have received your files.

We need at the very least, a 5-business day lead time for internal approvals, revisions, and implementation. Please keep in
mind that lead time starts as soon as we receive all assets including Photoshop Files.