Store Locator Interstitial

Drive traffic to your locations; this execution provides a valuable tool to help audiences find your locations, based on their proximity. Great for retail, dealerships and attractions.   This custom unit can display locations as a map.

Platforms: Pelmorex Audience

Specs: 320×480 (Interstitial), 320×50 -> 320×480 (Expandable) and 300×250 (Big Box)

Format: Video: .mp4/.mov file(s), Rich Media: layered PSD/Ai file(s)

Weight: 2mb (max)

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View map demo

Client-Supplied Creative: Deadline: 5 Days Prior to Launch

Pelmorex Creative Services: Lead Time: 7 Business Days Prior to Launch

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Assets Required: Layered PSD, Spreadsheet (separated by columns) containing: address, postal code, city, store name (if applicable), phone number (optional)

*(ad serving costs) Additional $250 per 500,000 impressions for map creative.

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