Sleeman is a preferred brand among millennial men; however, in 2017 sales were below expectations. Sleeman needed to drive incremental sales at beer and liquor stores across Canada and after digging deeper into their challenge, they uncovered that customers couldn’t always find Sleeman at their local beer or liquor store because it was either not carried or was sold out. They needed to find ways to intercept audiences at key buying times and drive them to locations where Sleeman was available.


Working with Pelmorex Corp., Sleeman created the world’s first beer compass executed within a mobile interstitial ad unit. A database of all stores selling Sleeman products across Canada was updated in real time, directing users to the nearest retailer within 2KM. As the user got closer, the bottle filled up with beer. The creative featured the needle of the compass as the iconic Sleeman bottle, pointing them towards the closest Sleeman-stocked location. They could also see surrounding stores and open up directions on Google maps. Ads were served Wed-Fri afternoons when demand for beer is at its peak.


This program drove an engagement time of 30 seconds — 5x longer than the industry average for a mobile interisital. Those who saw the beer compass visited Sleeman retailers 9.7% more than those who were not exposed to the ad. Sleeman saw $250,000 in incremental sales and an ROI of 2.9x.

Problem solved.