In Canada, retailers spend an average of $3.3B on flyers annually and driving ROI is key. In 2018, Golf Town was focused on moving from a retention to an acquisition strategy to attract new golf customers and wanted to find ways to efficiently drive impact through flyers. The Ask: Identify the right FSAs to maximize investment and reduce costs.


Leveraging Pelmorex’s location insights platform, we identified existing Golf Town customers as well as a new segment of frequent golfers who didn’t visit Golf Town stores and created a distribution list for each strategy.


This shift in strategy allowed Golf Town to efficiently distribute flyers, reducing quantities by , and the sales promotion resulted in a double-digit increase in sales over the previous year.

That’s a smart solution.

“The data solutions offered by Pelmorex provided us with the insights necessary to maximize our efforts to reach more golfers with our flyer strategy”

Fred LeCloq, Vice-President, Marketing and e-Commerce at Golf Town.

Source: Canadian Media Directors Council, May 2017